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Request Form for Commercial Kitchen Parts

North Star Repair Alberta Ltd. is your source for commercial kitchen equipment and parts. If you require a replacement part for your stove, garborator, conveyor system, espresso machine, or any other item of food service equipment, we have what you need.

Fill out the eform on this page with your name and contact information. Just fill in the manufacturer’s name, model number, serial number, voltage/wattage and description of the part or problem you are having. A digital picture of the part you need is also recommended, but not required. We will provide you with a competitively priced repair part that will solve your problem.


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Have a question about your appliances for North Star Repair Alberta? Need to set up an appointment for a repair? Contact us today.

Parts Catalogue

Below you will find a catalogue from which you can make your part selections. Alternatively, it can be viewed here.

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